TRIO BEAUTY / An evolving beauty collection that centers on the power of transformation.
United States

Coming soon ⁠— KABHA / Accessible spiritually-minded products inspired by nature.
United Kingdom

KONBU / Marine-based skincare that harnesses the healing and restorative powers of the ocean.
British Columbia, Canada

Laina Tortorici / Photographer and visual, storyteller for loved-up souls.
Florida, United States

Callie V. Studio / A creative agency that intertwines the worlds of art and design.
Los Angeles, United States

Salon Naydene / Bespoke hair salon that offers individualized services from a seasoned expert.

Sydney, Australia

MAHALO / Passion project for a natural skincare brand.

ATH | BNB Hotel / An innovative lifestyle and accommodation concept with 14 swanky suites.

Georgia, United States.

Coming soon ⁠— Alina Smit / Family & Wedding photographer with a personal and poetic approach.

Lugano, Switzerland

OYDIN / Passion project for a natural skincare brand.

Coming soon ⁠— AMOR MIA / Passion project for a slow fashion brand.

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