The Trio Beauty brand offers an accessible and uncomplicated beauty experience. With a wealth of industry expertise and a keen understanding of our customers' daily requirements, they provide simple and effective home beauty solutions to tackle common beauty challenges. Their beauty products are designed with affordability and inclusivity in mind, ensuring that all of our customers can benefit from our thoughtful approach to beauty.

Our goal was to create a master logo that is sophisticated, friendly, and fun. To achieve this, we tailored the typography to be entirely distinct to their brand. Alongside the wordmark, we developed a versatile symbol that can be used independently. The logo features a serif typeface with flared endings and serifs, which gives it a refined and upscale feel. To cater to a younger audience, we added playful and organic ligatures, resulting in a wordmark that strikes a balance between elegance and youthful energy. The color palette is intentionally designed to evoke a joyful and uplifting mood that resonates with a youthful audience and complements the playfulness of the wordmark.


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