Salon Naydene

Brand Identity, Printed Materials

Salon Naydene is a a modern creative salon, that offers individualized services from a seasoned expert. For her brand identity, we focused on using an elegant high contrast sans-serif font that feels high-end and modern but with a timeless appeal. A belief in the value of authenticity is present in the branding for Salon Naydene. Minimal, luxe type evokes a classic feel while whitespace allows the elements to breathe and relax for a calming delivery.

We loved the earthy tones and organic forms that she provided in her moodboard and really wanted to capture that mood within the submark. We were inspired to create an organic-shaped, elegant submark that includes the letters 'S' and 'N.' Your interior has extensive use of curves and organic forms throughout the salon which all help create a sense of calm and flow within. The mark is a reference to this as well as beautifully crafted hair, fluent and detailed.

View Salon Naydene's Instagram page here.


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