For those seeking ethical and effective skincare, the For The People brand provides a unique experience that leaves customers feeling informed, energized, and uplifted. The brand draws inspiration from ancestral wisdom and the knowledge of American ranchers to create natural, nourishing products that align with conscious living.

For The People aims to lead the market in tallow-based skincare and we have designed a wordmark that reflects their commitment to minimal sophistication and premium quality. The customized typeface features both sans and serif elements, with round curves and equal-length lines that convey an organic vibe and the message of equality. The all-caps, tall wordmark represents the newfound confidence that customers feel after using FTP products.

The inspiration for the brand's identity comes from the ocean, land, and sun, symbolizing a connection with nature and growth. The color palette is derived from the warm, vibrant hues of Jupiter, Florida, where the brand was born, and promotes a lifestyle of slow living.


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