Callie V. Studio is an independent creative agency that combines art and design to craft intentional and thoughtful lifestyle experiences for clients. The brand identity reflects her unique approach to curation, conveying an organic, authentic, refined, and experimental look and feel.

The customized logotype captures Callie's creative spirit and holistic approach, featuring classic humanist type elements like bracketed serifs and oblique axis, complemented by organic strokes reminiscent of art nouveau that convey a sense of freedom and spontaneity. The submark enhances the brand identity further and stands on its own.

The branding is designed to remain simple and elegant, allowing ample space for various imagery and projects to showcase their unique styles. The color palette draws inspiration from traditional craft, antiques, natural elements, and wabi-sabi. It incorporates neutrals and earth tones, warm hues like gold/olive, peach, and sage green, along with a few bolder colors to add warmth, edge, and vitality. This branding creates an elevated, experiential and inspiring environment for Callie's clients.


( USA )

Brand Identity

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